DENCH.COM is a short and highly memorable domain name. As such, it is an easy name to market and brand. It is because of these attributes that has an estimated value in the five-figure range. could be available for sale to an individual or business with a serious desire to develop a high-profile commercial website. If you have a genuine interest in purchasing this domain, please complete the form at the bottom of the page with your name and email address (for initial contact purposes), and make sure you enter the amount you are prepared to pay to acquire the domain.

PLEASE NOTE: We receive lots of enquiries from bargain hunters and time-wasters so please make your offer a sensible one in accordance with the importance and value of the domain.

Importance of a good domain name

A domain name that is meaningful, easy to understand and easy to pronounce is one that will stand out from the millions of other domains and stick in visitors minds, resulting in return visitors and repeat business. Memorable and/or short domain name are far easier to market than an obscure-sounding domain names. There are millions of domain names scattered across the internet and with so much competition online you need a website name that serves as a beacon in enticing visitors, and then getting them back again. Short, easily-pronounced and easily-read domain names such as are easy to remember and dead easy to return to again. Memorable domain names attract organic traffic that grows as the business becomes successful. On the other hand, obscure-sounding domain names costing hundreds of dollars attract no organic traffic - business operators find themselves forever spending a fortune on marketing in an endeavour to drive traffic to their websites.

Formulating your offer

Think at length about what a good domain will mean to your online business. When formulating your offer take into account the total cost of establishing your business and what proportion of that you are prepared to set aside for the purchase of a meaningful and prominent domain name. Some businesses wisely set aside a sensible sum of money while others dismiss the importance of a memorable domain name. It is an established fact that good domain names cost money and a quality domain name will in time become an online business's most important asset and highly valued in its own right.


Making an offer

Please be aware that it is not our policy to engage in bartering over quality domains. Make your best offer up front as this will determine our response. If the offer is in the ballpark that we have in mind, we will accept your offer without any further ado. Nonsensical offers will not warrant a response.

Sales process

All sales will be processed through the Internet's leading escrow service,, with the purchaser and the vendor each paying their own escrow fees. The use of ensures security in the transaction for both parties. Basically, the service works like this:
(1) Buyer pays money into trust account
(2) Seller transfers the domain name to the buyer
(3) Buyer confirms with that he or she has control over the domain name
(4) releases the funds to the seller

Since its inception has processed more than $400 million in escrow transactions and is regarded as the No.1 online escrow service. If you are unfamiliar with the service, we suggest you visit the website and also do your own research on the company's bonefides.


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